Have you ever been part of a group of ambitious people? Okay, yes, you might have been a part of them BUT ALSO NOT BEEN A PART OF THEM.

Whereas they were constantly learning, trying out various growth strategies and making progress, you felt stuck, clueless as to what was happening and vaguely aware of being left behind by the crew.

Of course, the question that creeps into your mind in such moments is, ‘What am I doing wrong?’

You’ll blame yourself for not doing enough, not paying enough attention, not caring enough.

Well, maybe you’re to blame, and maybe you’re NOT to blame. Maybe what you were taught was old school and didn’t work anymore. It’s a world of possibilities.

Okay. How about you ask your friends, ‘How are you doing it?’

And, given the fact that you were very much in awe of the progress they were making, once you ask them this question, you should be willing dive into the opportunity, learn and be greedy for the information with which they are sharing with you, hoard the knowledge like a greedy pig and duplicate the system.

Sounds easy-peasy to you? Sounds like a GET CHANGED OVERNIGHT strategy?

SPOILER ALERT!! No, it’s not. It’s a long process, and IF you tread on the right footholds, you’ll have a good chance of getting to the other side a bit scarred, yes, but stronger, more knowledgeable, ready to take the bull by the horns and claim your very much yearned for identity.

It took me a whopping three years to get anywhere. When I decided to brand myself online, I was constantly waddling around like a blind kid with nothing to do. I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do, but I didn’t know how to start or who could help guide me through. When my old Facebook account was hacked, I made a set of new friends, passion-driven friends, ambitious friends, friends who were willing to leave their comfort zone to achieve what they set their heart to.

I was constantly bombarded with posts of how they changed their clients’ lives, how they were living their dream lives and the list goes on.

Well, I cringed.

Not from jealousy. No. I’m hardly that spiteful. What made me cringe was the realization that I wasted three years not knowing what I had to know.

More cringing. I wondered how they did it, but I didn’t ask because I was a shy dumbass. Three months into viewing their success stories, I finally grew a pair and asked a friend, ‘How in the hell are you doing this? How are you crashing this?’

Well, we had a talk that night.

She showed me what I was doing wrong,
-Not caring enough

And she said, ‘Anne, if you want to learn all this, I need you to give it your all. It’s gonna be quite a process, but if you wanna crash this, then you gonna have to dive in. In the end, it’s you to either gain or win.’

I avoided her messages for a whole week while I wondered whether I would be able to live up to her expectations. Then I remembered something she said, ‘In the end, it’s you to either gain or lose.’

I weighed my priorities. If I gave it a try, gave it my all, there was a chance of me emerging successful. If I backed out, I’d lose and continue being the same boring and unambitious whelp I was the past years.

My decision was a no-brainer. I messaged her and the mentoring began.

Six months down the road, I got two nonfiction books published more content on my blog, made a good number of valuable friends, and am caught in a whirlwind of wow. All the information I’m hoarding from these amazing people is transforming my life for the better.

I’ll end this on one note.
Whereas the quality of your friends also matters, it’s the question “ARE YOU OPEN TO POSITIVE CHANGES?” that will make a huge difference.

A wonderful week to y’all. ✌️

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