Sometimes, it’s better to give up than to hold onto something toxic 🙅🏽‍♀️

“Do not give up. You’ve got this.”
“You love them. Stick it out.”
“There’s money in it. Get woke and do it.”
“Your mama, dada or nana said to. Don’t let them down.”

The list is endless. Don’t give up on this. Don’t give up on that.

Well, wait, honorable madam sir. Hear me out.

A great number of people are emphasizing not giving up, and yes, persistence is great, it’s amazing, but what the hell are you slogging at? What exactly is it that you’re ever more so ready to give up but just can’t because you were made to believe that quitting is for losers?

“Do not give up. You’ve got this.”

Sometimes, we just haven’t gotten anything, and won’t get it, and ought to give it up and slog elsewhere.

Who says you must stay in a toxic relationship because, uhm, “you’ve got this”? Is there anyone saying that? Yes? He/she is a cunt. Kick him/her in the butt. 👍🏽 Let’s proceed.

This is a story I’ve never really shared with anyone before…though I will now.

When I graduated from high school, I was never the it-girl whom everyone knew, neither was I a nerd who got straight A’s in every godforsaken exam or test. I’d reached a point where I’d made up my mind that I’m gonna be a badass writer no matter what, and that Napoleon and his battles could go hang. I’d give a rat’s ass about all those other subjects. I hated school, not because I was, and still am, an introvert. My problem is deep. Besides having to deal with severe depression, I also had occasional panic attacks that would mostly hit me when I was in a crowded place.

Many times, I struggled to keep it under check and I succeeded, but most times, the crowds suffocated me and I could lose it. I really could.

Without reading through my textbooks, I did my final exams and finished high school with average grades…not bad for someone who didn’t even read a thing.

Well, I applied for a place at the university and I was accepted, semester one started and I was beyond excited.

Well, that excitement died my first day there. The crowds were just dizzying, and the subjects I was doing did not appeal to me in any way. Three weeks into this, I felt suffocated, it was affecting my mental health and o just couldn’t take it anymore.


One day, I woke up and just decided that I’d had enough of everything. I left and decided to just learn online, and I did a lot of short courses that helped me, and I finally got the hang of editing. That aside, my mental health improved tremendously.

Moral of the story?

Sometimes, giving up is the best thing to do. If it’s compromising your mental health and dragging you down, it’s a no-no. Let that shit go. You can do better than that.


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