Before anything else, YOUR life is about YOU 🤙🏽

Prioritize yourself, then everything else will follow.

Does your dream/vision for the future give you butterflies in the stomach? Does it hype you so much that it dizzies you? Yes?


Are you struggling to make it happen? No?


You don’t have time?

Your family said no?

You’ve been convinced that it takes ages?

Lemme tell you something. Life is short, and I’m not saying, ‘Life is short, let’s go smoke pot.’

But if you wanted to try it out, I wouldn’t stop you, because, what the hell!?

Either way, it’s important to live our dreams because that’s just why they are there in the first place…to be lived. Make them happen.

Most meaningful things go through a bunch of phases that in most cases come across as overwhelming. This intensifies when the people closest to you bring in negativity. ‘No, man. It takes decades to accomplish that.’

Well, maybe it will take decades. Maybe it won’t. Are you using the right methods? Are you surrounding yourself with the right people who are gonna roast you and keep you at it? ARE YOU PROCRASTINATING?

Is the dream really important to you?


Okay. Disregard your family’s no’s and give your dream all your efforts. Remember, this is about YOU. This is about YOUR dreams, YOUR goals. Your family ain’t gonna be there when you are being interviewed for a job (unless it’s them hiring). At some point, YOU’RE gonna have to pay YOUR bills in your family’s absence.

So, if you’re living to fit in everyone else’s template, rather than YOURS, you’re in trouble, and you’re badly in need of stepping back and giving it all a thorough thinking.

It’s about YOU.

Have a wonderful & productive weekend. Don’t forget to have a beer. 😉

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