2021; A year of construction, not destruction ðŸ¤“

Stare 2021 right in the face like your Godzilla

Hello folks. It’s Anne again, and I come in peace…ever more so solemnly.

You know, I haven’t been hearing any “2021 is my year” chants since the year started but I guess I’ll go first since everyone else seems too scared to say so. Right. One, two, three, gooooo

2021 is my year.

Sounds pretty brave of me, huh?

Not really. I guess you could say that there’s going to be an application of balls and guts somewhere, and I’m not so blinded by positivity to the point of overlooking the pits that always appear in our paths but nevertheless, I’m ready to turn 2021 into an amazing year for myself.


📌 By writing consistently and steadily working towards becoming a better writer

📌 By continuously kicking procrastination right in the gut to keep her off my back so that I can publish my first novel this year

📌 By never letting positivity out of my sight. By continuously pitching my stories to editors and never stopping to hope that someone somewhere will appreciate my work

📌 By meditating, spending more time with myself and getting to know myself better

📌 By forcing my introverted self out of my bedroom and travelling to do a task I’ve been promising to do for two years now

📌 By putting an end to meaningless relationships and the like.

Doing all this isn’t going to be as easy as noting them was, but as I said, 2021 is gonna be my year, it has got to be my year, and I’ll make it my year. I believe I will.

Forget all your placebos and get creative. Bully yourself into going a step further in achieving your dreams because, well, it all starts in the head, same as the placebos do. Don’t waste another year making excuses.

A great Sunday to you. 😉

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