Push suicide aside.

How would you feel if you gifted someone something very special, something priceless, something many could kill to have, and the person simply tosses it away and it cracks? Hurts like hell, yeah, I know.

The gift I’m referring to here is Life. Life is a very challenging woman many will kill to keep by their side. She has many faces, yes, but that’s how all we humans are, too, right? Many-faced. She’s beautiful, she has her ugly sides, she loves bullshitting us, but what to do? The majority of us still love her.

We were given this bipolar ass of a wife called Life by our parents, and we must hold onto her like she owns every ounce of our hearts…which I’m certain she does.
You might be wondering, “But I was a mistake. My parents said so.”

A mistake that landed you a wonderful spouse, Tom! Don’t you see that? You’re one hell of a lucky man, Tom. You were given Life with all her bounty. Life with all the amazing things she’ll teach you, the strength with which she will equip you, the love she will shower you…only if you let her.

If you still can’t see how lucky you are, go talk to Jesse who didn’t make it out of his mama’s womb. He probably wanted to work alongside Elon Musk. You, Tom, are alive. You’ve been given the chance to work alongside Elon, something Jesse was so brutally denied.

Life has a lot to offer. You just have to look in the right places, and I’m ready to tell you that not once will she ask you to divorce her…unless the contract is up. Think about your offspring who are patiently waiting for you to pass on to them the gift of Life. You wanna deny them the chance? You wanna deny yourself a chance to live?

Nope! Invade my inbox and let’s talk. I’ll give you reasons to live.

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