You can’t let suicide win 😳

Y’all recall when you was a child with no sense of direction and not an idea about what the hell was going on (not that you’re any different from the you you were then)? Do you recall when your mama would bundle you up in ten layers of clothes, belt you up in the backseat of the car and drive you off to only goodness knows where but that always seemed to be the right place and time for the event? You remember all that? Yes? Thank you!

Okay. I know I’ve posted a lot about Life being our spouse and blah-de-bleh, but I’d also ask you to liken her to a parent. They’ll give you tablets when you have a headache and, in most cases, the throbbing in our temples ebbs and we just gotta take our hats off and say, “Mama or pops knows”. They know the tabs that are gonna get rid of the pain! they just know, and you gotta trust them because they have the experience, let them be your guides until you are capable of steering your wheel. Even then, you’ll need them, or maybe someone else with the experience to give you an occasional tag or push in the right direction.

Okay. Let’s now talk about this bipolar ass of a wife called Life. Life has been around for sooooo long a time…goes a long way back when God created animals and the like. So, yeah, she has the experience. Don’t ask her why she let you fall and graze your knee. She’s probably silently asking you to have some grace upon your person. Don’t ask her why she led you to the lake. Just wait and see what’s next. Be curious. She probably wants you to catch some trout to take back home to aunt Sally for dinner.

Don’t ask her why she let you get into a fix/complication. I don’t know what’s running through her mind, but maybe it’s just her bitchiness at work. Maybe you had to get into the complication or something. She knows best, and nothing you say or do will change that.
It’s up to her when she’ll divorce you. If you’re tired of her, I say, don’t stress. She doesn’t want you around that long either, and she knows best how the divorce will happen. She’ll have the resources to make it happen without your help. Sit back and let her bide her time. As I said, she knows what she’s doing. Why pay for what’s going to come to you free of charge, anyway?
I’ll end this with, TRUST LIFE’S TIMING. DON’T RUSH.

Have a wonderful week ahead. Hugs.

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