Free your inner child and merge your soul with his/hers

Inner children trapped inside adult bodies by Alexander Milov

When was the last time you interacted with your inner child?

You don’t remember? Okay.

Recently? Excellent!

So many people out there have been estranged from their inner selves and it’s so heartbreaking.

Hold up! I’m not pointing fingers.

Life has a way of turning tables, and sometimes, there’s no way we can stop what had to happen from happening.

Either way, don’t let go of that innocent and playful child in you. Keep him/her close to your bosom, play in the rain with him/her, run down a hill screaming and shouting like a maniac, dance around a bonfire and sing away the blues, and DON’T FORGET TO LET YOUR HALO GLOW. Don’t forget to unlock the padlock that imprisons your inner child.

That kid is struggling and pleading with you to let him/her merge with your grown self because, let’s face the truth…without each other, both are incomplete. Both need each other like day needs night.


Anyway, have a wonderful weekend.

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